Ceramic Paint Coatings

What are Nano Coatings? 

Nano coatings, or ceramic coatings as they’re commonly known, are liquids which, when applied to a vehicle’s paintwork, fuse with the surface to form a glossy, long-lasting barrier that repels water, contaminants and often UV rays. Their purpose is to preserve, protect and enhance the appearance of an unblemished finish. 

Polymers are collections of bonded molecules. These polymers crosslink to form the nanostructure that makes up a nano coating. Through the transfer of particles, nano coatings bond with paint’s clear coat, becoming literally part of the surface.

Some of these bonds are so durable, the coating needs to be machine buffed to be removed. Less durable coatings, on the other hand, can be removed with a strong solvent.

What are the Benefits of one of these Coatings?


Their durability is impressive. They last a long time and protect your paint from naturally acidic contaminants, oxidation, UV damage, and add a little cushion room in terms of light scratches.

In a sense, ceramic coatings take the benefits of a poly sealant and amplify them to a massive degree. 

Ceramic coatings are thicker, so they better protect against micro-marring and etching. Their water repellency exceeds poly sealants exponentially, literally sheeting water off. They also block oxidation and inhibit UV rays in ways poly sealants just can’t. And the gloss they produce is in a category of its own.

One other benefit is in how amazing they make your car look. Many of these coatings require an authorized detailer to apply them for you. That means that they have experience in prepping the paint for application. 


This is a huge bonus for car lovers. Your paint may never look that good again because of how much work goes into preparing the car for one of these coatings. 

And once the coating is on, the already insane level of gloss produced by the surface prep is amplified by the coating. As mentioned above, this is a level of gloss no wax or poly sealant can reproduce; it’s wholly unique to ceramic coatings.


NANO-RESIN PRO is a complete ceramic nanocoating system. 100% solids and durable for 25+ years, Nano-Resin Pro naturally self-heals minor scratches, actively repels water with superhydrophobic performance, resists chemicals and prevents oxidation.


NATURALLY SELF-HEALING *A Nano-Resin Pro coating is made of elastomer-derived ceramics that absorb scratches, gradually springing back into their original shape.

Nano-Resin Pro treatments performed by an Authorized Detailer are eligible for a 25-Year Warranty so you can have the utmost confidence in its protection. Elastomer-derived nanostructure naturally self-heals fine scratches


No solvent & 100% solids formula creates 4-6 μm thick coating with one layer



Nano-Resin Pro creates a gloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity for maximum distinction of image.

We specialize in ceramic coatings and have a ton of knowledge on them. We have been installing ceramic coatings for over 11 years. The owner Justin Davis, was actually a beta tester for one of the major coating manufacturers that was one of the first to hit the US market. There is no other shop in the area that has much of experience with coatings as we do. 





5-Year Nano-Resin Ceramic Coating Prices starting at $350 for cars and $400 for trucks and suv's.

7-Year Nano-Resin MX Ceramic Coating $550+

25-year Nano-Resin Pro $1000+


We also offer coatings for glass, wheels, headlights, trim and carpet/upholstery


*Warranty only if installed by an Authorized Detailer

These prices do not include paint correction.  We realize

that not everyone wants a completely swirl free finish, but

still want to have the protection of a ceramic coating.  We

can work with you to come out with the package that will

fit your specific needs and budget. 

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