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Auto Detailing

What we offer:
  • Auto Detailing

  • Machine Paint Correction

  • Ceramic Paint Coatings

  • Ceramic Wheel Coatings

  • Ceramic Trim Coatings

  • Ceramic Fabric Coatings 

  • Leather Coatings

  • Glass Coatings

  • Paint Sealants

  • Clay bar

  • Paint Deconamination

  • Headlight Restoration

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Carpet Extraction/shampooing

  • Scotch guard for upholstery

  • Auto Detailing Product Sales

  • Car & Truck Accessories

  • Window Tinting

Machine Polishing

We offer paint correction and have over 20 years of experience.  Paint correction starting at $200 for light imperfections and on up for more in depth paint correction.  Stop by to discuss your options for the most accurate quote.

Ozone Treatments


Odor in the car can be a real concern if you have an old car or planning to buy a used car soon. Have you stopped smoking and want the smoke smell removed? Is your car smelling a little musty? Ozone can make your car smell good again.​

In fact, the technical term for ozone treatment for the car is ozone shock treatment. It's the only way that would ensure that your car becomes odor neutral.  


Ozone shock treatment is the process of layering your car interior with ozone so that even the deep seeded odor-causing agents are eliminated. This also kills bacteria as well.  

Ozone treatments start at $50 for the first application and $15 for additional treatments.


Auto Detailing Prices:

Basic detail-wash, wax, vacuum, glass,door jambs, tires, fender wells, wheels, steam clean/shampoo carpets and upholstery starting at $150

Wash & Wax starting at $75

Headlight Restoration: $100 a pair

Paint Sealants add $20 to normal detail prices

Scotch guard interior upholstery starting at $50

We will put together a package for your specific needs, give us a call or message for a quote.  

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