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Obsessive Detail offers the exclusive coatings from GYEON that you’re just not going to get anywhere else, we are Central Illinois' only GYEON Certified Detailer. As a GYEON Certified Detailer, we are able to offer the Q2 One Evo Coating with a 2 year warrantyQ2 Pure Evo Coating with a 3 or 4 year warranty and the Q2 Infinite EVO Coatings with an Infinite Lifetime Warranty which are the Hardest and Most Advanced Coatings in the World.

Your vehicle is the second most expensive purchase besides your house and you just don't anyone working on your vehicles paint. Obsessive Detail specializes in ceramic coating applications and we have over 15 years experience with ceramic coatings, there is no one in the area that has the experience that we do. 

Typically referred to as nano-ceramic, SiO2 , glass, and/or quartz coatings... Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of automotive finish protection no matter what name they go by!

So what are ceramic coatings? Ceramic coatings are a semi-permanent barrier applied between your vehicles paint and the harsh elements its subjected to on a day to day basis. Providing protection from things like, bird bombs, tree sap, acid rain, environmental fallout, etc., is just the beginning.  While being scratch resistant, GYEON coatings also offer excellent hydrophobic properties (water beading/sheeting). GYEON coatings repel contaminants and other unwanted substances from adhering to the vehicles paint, resulting in a finish that stays cleaner longer,  a finish that is ridiculously easy to maintain, and a finish that will maintain its depth and shine for years...not months! 

We do a thorough wash, paint decontamination, clay bar, light to medium polish to get the paint in the best possible condition before applying the ceramic coating.  After the coating is applied, we use the Infrared Curing Lamps to help speed up the curing process.

The most crucial factor to gain long lasting protection by using a quartz-based coating is reaching the structural integrity of the applied layer. Curing time is the whole time needed for the coating to gain its full resistance and hardness. Depending on climate, temperature and humidity it’s from 2 days in extremely hot and dry climates up to even three weeks in rainy and cold weather conditions. We use Infrared curing lamps to shorten this time and prepare the coating to leave the studio as soon as possible while minimizing the risk during rainfall or hard, winter conditions. IR curing lamps will allow the coating to harden quicker which also makes the coating harder and more durable. We use IR curing lamps with every GYEON coated vehicle.

ir curing lamps

Q2 One Evo Coating

Q² ONE EVO is our entry level coating, it delivers candy gloss, and long-term protection at a great price.  One of the key characteristics of Q² ONE EVO, especially when compared with other protective coatings, is its excellent self-cleaning ability.  This ability can significantly extend the intervals between washes. Q² ONE EVO presents superb water beading. With 24+ months of durability, this coating is hard to beat. Starting at $400+

Q2 Pure Evo Coating

Q² PURE EVO utilizes the maximum percentage of silica possible in a ceramic coating. Expect pure candy gloss, intense water beading, and great chemical resistance. This coating is applied in a thick single layer that looks amazing and will provide long-term durability and protection from environmental impact.If you like deep, dark, wet looking finishes then Q² PURE EVO is for you.

The level of gloss the coating produces cannot be understated, while offering durable and highly chemical resistant protection against all types of environmental impact. Durability is 3 years with one layer or 4 years with 2 layers.  Starting at $750+

Q2 Infinite EVO Coatings


Q2 Infinite EVO Coatings are our "Top of the Line" ceramic coatings that come with the GYEON Lifetime Infinite Warranty.  These are a two part coating system. We apply the Base Coating and then top with the GYEON Infinite Top Coat. 


Unique World's First Fluoro Polysilazane Formula 

The finish is silky smooth to the touch, which equates to serious repellency and water behavior. The key performance element to this coating, is with the fluorine modification, the water beading effect is significantly more durable. Delivers long term hydrophobic properties and is highly chemical resistant.


Q2 Infinite Top Coat is applied after the Base Coating and takes your paint to the next level and will add even more gloss, more durability, and extend the hydrophobic properties of the coating. The depth of color and darkening effect that Top Coat adds to to the Base Coating is significant. Blacks, blues, and reds get deep! This formula gives durability, deep looks, and long term performance.

Starting at $1100+

GYEON Infinite Warranty

  • Exclusive warranty program available only from a GYEON CERTIFIED DETAILER

  • Follow simple maintenance procedures

  • To benefit of the Infinite Lifetime Warranty, the periodical maintenance services must be carried out by a GYEON Certified Detailer every 24 months or 15K miles.

  • Customer needs to periodically maintain vehicle with GYEON maintenance products.

  • Warranty details are logged with a hologram, including serial number and must be registered online via within 30 days of application.  



Interior Coating Package

This package includes the application of GYEON  Q2 Leather Coat to all leather surfaces. Q2 Fabric is applied to all carpet and soft upholstery. Q2 Preserve is applied to plastics. Starting at $200




GYEON'S Q2 Rim signature wheel and caliper coating to help protect wheels via its high heat resistance against excessive brake dust build up and other ferrous materials.  Starting at $100 for wheel faces, ask about full wheel and caliper package.

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